Chapter XVI

E-way Rules

 138B. Verification of documents and conveyances.-

(1) The Commissioner or an officer empowered by him in this behalf may authorise the proper officer to intercept any conveyance to verify the e-way bill or the e-way bill number in physical form for all inter-State and intra- State movement of goods.
(2) The Commissioner shall get Radio Frequency Identification Device readers installed at places where the verification of movement of goods is required to be carried out and verification of movement of vehicles shall be done through such device readers where the eway bill has been mapped with the said device.
(3) The physical verification of conveyances shall be carried out by the proper officer as authorised by the Commissioner or an officer empowered by him in this behalf:
Provided that on receipt of specific information on evasion of tax, physical verification of a specific conveyance can also be 1carried out by any other officer after obtaining necessary approval of the Commissioner or an officer authorised by him in this behalf.


1. Subsituted by Notification No. 3/2018 –Central Tax issued dated 23th January, 2018